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PS-3114 standard

Control panel for double sliding gates motors up to 2400 watt, standard codification, 433,92MHz

 PS-3114 is new multi- function control panel 110/230VAC suitable for two sliding gates motors up to 2400watt. Advanced in design and durable. Easy in programming and innovative functions.Available in standard codification at 433,92MHz and 300 different standard code transmitters can be stored. Reliable and strong. 


Main functions

  • Provides different leds that work based on each different function of the receiver
  • Separate limit switch inputs for each motor
  • External button with  N.O contact 
  • Two photocell contact inputs at 12/24 VAC/DC 1,1VA
  • Adjustable electronic motor torque for both motors
  • Output for flashing light 230VAC/25W standard with or without intermittence
  • Auto-close feature smart auto-close timer
  • Motor operating time is programmable from 1 to 180 seconds
  • Indepentent deceleration during open and close for motor
  • Provides filters for the external noises
  • Working temperatures: -20oC to 60oC
  • Pedestrian function
  • Provides slow move function adjustment
  • 12AC electric lock output
  • Delay function between the two motors
  • Size: 119mm  X 95mm X 30mm  including ABS housing.


Compatible transmitters


Enrich the product with the appropriate accessories, giving it more functionality and features.