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Profelmnet, an innovator in the design, development and production of electronic RF automation systems and transmitters has been operating in Greece since 1984, for a large range of uses such as: Swing doors, Sliding doors, Shutters, Garage doors, Barriers and Awnings.

About us

Thanks to our vertically-integrated production line, we can offer a comprehensive range of top quality products, readily available to ensure prompt customer service. 

Profelmnet manufactures hybrid and SMT automation and controller circuits for a large range of uses such as:

Industrial and residential rolling shutters 

Sliding gates

Single and double swing gates 

Continuously operating barriers 

Over head gates

Alarm systems

Access control systems 

Lighting controllers/transmitters

GSM automation 

Receivers and more than 30 different controllers/transmitters.

Our goal

Our extensive experience in the manufacturing sector, specialist staff and quality controls in all stages of production mean we can offer a 10-year guarantee on proper and problem-free operation of all products we manufacture. 

Our goal at Profelmnet is to be the No. 1 choice for household and industrial automations. We offer off-the-shelf and customised solutions specifically tailored to customer needs:

  • We can manufacture products to order for associates, creating exclusive branded products for them. 
  • We organise special training seminars about our products for all new associates and their staff.
  • We fully automate our products to save time and make it easier for our associates to install them.
  • We have a New Product R&D Department, which monitors international developments and listens carefully to customer needs.
  • We provide 24/7 technical support helplines for our customers.

Technical Leaflets

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Technical Support

For our clients we offer 24x7 support

Email: info@profelmnet.com

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