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Control panel for rolling shutters with standard codification up to 1200 watt

3029 is new multi-function rolling shutter control panel 110/230VAC, suitable for AC motor up to 1200 watt. Retrofit and new embedded functions. 300 transmitters can be stored.


Main functions

  • Provides different leds that indicate each different function of the receiver
  • External button N.O contact 
  • Photocell contact input at 24VAC/1,1VA
  • Output for flashing light 230VAC/25W standard with or without intermittence
  • Adjustable working time from 1-180S.
  • Provides filters for the external noises
  • Auto-close feature  Smart auto-close timer
  • Working temperatures: -20oC +60oC
  • Size 111mm X 82mm X 30mm including ABS housing

Available codes

Product name    Codification  Compatible Transmitters 
PS3029     fixed 433.92MHz  PSD-36T, PS-46T
PSR3029 keeloq rolling 433.92MHz PSR-38T, PSR-46T, PSR-25T, PSR-15T, S-18T
PTR3029    keeloq rolling 868.3MHz PTR-15T 
PN3029 pn rolling 433.92MHz PN-46T



Enrich the product with the appropriate accessories, giving it more functionality and features.