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Community/heavy use barrier

Park-Plus is a road barrier for residential and multi-users driveways up to 6 m. A full-galvanized aluminium body, an easy emergency release handle with safety micro-switch and an adjustable balancing spring system are its main charactrisitcs. Embedded Profelmnt control panel for intense and heavy use. 


Main motor functions

  • Power supply 230V/ 50Hz
  • Motor power 200W
  • Class IP protection IP 44
  • Available booms  3,4,6 meters



Main control panel functions

  • External button N.O contact,for opening only
  • Photocell N.C. contact input at 24VAC/1,1VA
  • Separate limit switch inputs for the motor
  •  Adjustable electronic motor torque and adjustable decelaration seperately
  • Automatically change motor's direction automatically
  •  Output for flashing light 230VAC/25W standard with or without intermittence
  •  Auto-close feature: Smart auto-close timer



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