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PSR-34RS keeloq rolling

Two channel receiver 12/24V, rolling codification, 433,92MHz

PSR-34RS is the two channels receiver, in rolling codification  for 12V or 24 V at frequency 433,92MHz. It is easy to be installed and controls high RF frequencies.


Main functions

  • Two channels receiver
  • Absorption 10mA max. at stand-by and 25mA on relay activation
  • Operation selectable PUSH-ON or PUSH ON-OFF with jumpers
  •  Power supply: 12-24V AC/DC in different models.
  •  Operating frequency 433,92MHz 
  • Range from 30 to 100 meters depends on the environment
  • Sizes  82X59X30mm all with ABS housings
  •  Working temperatures: -15οC to + 60ο C


Compatible transmitters