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PS 86T

Fixed Code, Copier, 4 channels at 433,92MHz

New remote contol. 

Ability to have fixed cofidication and copier fixed code in 1 single remote. 

Elegant, durable in its hold, durable.

Long- lasting life.




Technical data

  • 4 buttons - 4 channels
  • Power supply 12V battery type 23A
  • Radio range from 30 to 100 m.
  • Operating temperature -20oC – 60oC
  • Elegant, shock resistant ABS
  • Compatible in keeloq rolling, PN rolling, fixed coding

Available Codes

Product name    Codification  LED Color
PS 86T       fixed/copier 433,92MHz  red LED- blue buttons
PSR 86T keeloq rolling 433,92MHz green LED
PN 86T PN rolling 433,92MHz blue LED




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