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Sliding motor for gates up to 1500 kg, embedded Profelmnet control panel

Hermes-1500 is a sliding gate motor, for gates that weight up to 1500kg. HERMES-1500 is ideal for heavy-duty gates, as the moving parts of the engine are in oil. Powerful and quiet. Its size is appropriate for installations with limited space. 


Main characteristics

  • Maximum door weight  1500 kg
  • Motor power   230V/450W
  • Opening time  12 meters / minute
  • Motor rpm  1400
  • Protection rating  IP44
  • Weight 10 kg

Main control board specifications

  • Power supply 230 VAC / 110 VAC
  • Power handling up to 1200 watt
  • Memory up to 300 transmitters
  • Adjustable electronic motor torque
  • Adjustable deceleration
  • Pedestrial function
  • Adjustable auto close
  • Soft start and stop
  • Input for soft-edge
  • Input for photocells
  • Motor break
  • Adjustable codification
  • Access control possibility
  • Size: 95mm X 45 mm X 13mm including ABS housing

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