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PSR-2020 keeloq rolling

Control panel for rolling shutters up to 1000 watt, rolling codification, 433,92MHz
2020 also available in:

PSR-2020 is rolling shutter control panel 110/230VAC, suitable for AC motor up to 1000 watt. Its small size makes it suitable even for the most demanding projects. Available in rolling codification at 433,92MHz and 80 same rolling code transmitters can be stored.


Main functions

  • External START/STOP button terminal
  • Adjustable working time from 1-180S
  • RF module removable 433,92MHz
  • Provides filters for the external noises
  • Working temperature -10oC - 50 oC
  • Compact size 80 X 45 X 30 including the ABS housing

Compatible transmitters