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Control panel for electrical lock 12AC/DC

3520 is the new control panel which is suitable for wireless management of all kinds of electrical locks. It is used in all types of electric locks, carp or magnetic lock. 300 transmitters can be stored. 



Main specification

  • External START/STOP button terminal
  • Adjustable working time from 1-180S
  • RF module removable 433,92MhZ
  • Provides filters for the external noises
  • Compact size 92(L) X 60(W) X 30(H) including the ABS housing.
  • Working temperature -20oC to 60oC

Available codes

Product name    Codification  Compatible Transmitters 
PS3520       fixed 433.92MHz  PSD-36T, PS-46T
PSR3520  keeloq rolling 433.92MHz PSR-38T, PSR-46T, PSR-25T, PSR-15T, S-18T
PTR3520   keeloq rolling 868.3MHz PTR-15T 
PN3520 pn rolling 433.92MHz PN-46T