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PN-34RW PN rolling

Control panel for lights 230VAC, PN rolling codification, 433.92MHz

PN-34RW is the new control panel for the wireless management of home or industrial lights. It is able to handle 2 different zones of lights up to 1000 watt each. It is also compatible with the multi channel Profelmnet transmitter in order to manage 12 different light zones. PN rolling codification at frequency 433.92 MHz.


Main specifications

  • Absorption 10mA max. at stand-by and 25mA on relay activation
  • Power 1000 Watt per channel
  • Operation selectable PUSH-ON or PUSH ON-OFF with jumpers
  •  Power supply: 230VAC
  • Operating frequency 868.3MHz 
  • Codification PN rolling codification 
  • Range from 30 to 100 meters depends on the environment
  • Sizes  82X59X30mm all with ABS housings
  • Working temperatures: -15ο to +60ο C


Compatible transmitters