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WIFI receiver

WF-16 is a device that allows us to manage all the devices of our home from the wifi of our mobile phone. By connecting the receiver to the devices we want to operate using the program application, all the commands we want to give are made by our mobile phone at a single click, at no charge. The only prerequisite is our internet connection. Easy to use, simple to connect, tailored to new needs, the receiver can support up to 2 different devices.


Main specifications

  • Power supply: 230 VDC
  • Rated voltage: AC 100-250V
  • Rated current: 10Α
  • Wifi standard: 802.1b/g/n
  • Wifi safe mode; WEP、WPA/WPA2
  • Temperature: -20~+60 °C 
  • Dimensions:38mm×38mm×24mm

Technical Leaflets

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