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Swing motor up to 2,75 m door leaf, embedded Profelmnets control panel. Equipped mechanical limit switch

LEADER TA 4 is the swing motor for gates up to 2,75 mt. It has mechanical limit switches,adjustable in closing.  It is powerful and easy to install. It is perfect solution to suit most of the residential and commercial swing gates. Electromechanical blocked rams, completely  in aluminium. In case of power failure, you can unlock the gate through the release key supplied with the motors. Embedded Profelmnet's control panel, offering the most reliable solution for the swing gate.


Main motor technical data

  • Maximum doορ leaf up to 2,75 meters
  • Motor power   230V/280W
  • Maximum door weight 300 kg
  • Maximum thrust  2800N
  • Motor rpm  1400
  • Protection rating  IP44

Main control panel functions

  • Separate limit switch inputs for the motor
  • Motor brake function. It is recommended for heavy motors
  • Adjustable electronic motor torque and adjustable decelaration seperately
  • Separate limit switch inputs for the motor
  • Automatically change motor's direction automatically
  • External button: N.O contact 
  • Photocell contact input at 24VAC/1,1VA
  • Adjustable electronic MOTOR torque
  • Output for flashing light 230VAC/25W standard with or without intermittence
  • Auto-close feature: Smart auto-close timer
  • Motor operating time: Programmable from 1 to 180 seconds
  • Indepentent deceleration during open and close for motor
  • Provides filters for the external noises

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