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Heavy use barrier

PARK PLUS is heavy use road barrier. It is strength and speedy. Manufactured steel body with powder coated finish and painted steel warning reflectors. Adjustable spring balancing system and easy safety release feature. Embedded Profelmnet control panel for heavy and intense use.


Main motor functions

  • Power supply 230V/ 50Hz
  • Motor power 250W
  • Class IP protection IP 44
  • Available booms 3,4,6 meters



Main control panel functions

  • External button N.O contact,for opening only
  • Photocell N.C. contact input at 24VAC/1,1VA
  • Separate limit switch inputs for the motor
  • Motor brake function. It is recommended for heavy motors
  •  Adjustable electronic motor torque and adjustable decelaration seperately
  • Automatically change motor's direction automatically
  •  Output for flashing light 230VAC/25W standard with or without intermittence
  •  Auto-close feature: Smart auto-close timer



Enrich the product with the appropriate accessories, giving it more functionality and features.